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Selection Process for BPSC 2021

The Preliminary Test, Mains Test, and Interview are part of the BPSC Civil Services 2021 selection process. Shortlisted candidates for the BPSC 67th Civil Services Recruitment 2021 will have passed the tests and the interview.  

Exam Pattern

Preliminary Exam Pattern 

The BPSC Preliminary examination will be objective type. To finish their preliminary test, applicants must answer 150 questions, each carrying a single mark. As a result, the preliminary exam's overall score will be 150. Negative answers would not result in any deductions for the candidates. 

Prelims Syllabus 

The preliminary exam results will not be taken into account for determining the final merit list. This grade will only be used to determine whether or not you are eligible to take the Mains test. The topics covered in the Prelims Syllabus are as follows: 

  • Indian National Movement and Role of Bihar 

  • Changes in the economy of Bihar post-independence 

  • Events of national and international importance 

  • Indian Polity and Economy 

  • General Science 

  • Geography of Bihar 

  • General Mental Ability 

  • History of Bihar and Indian History 

  • Geography 

Prelims Cut-off Range 


Mains Exam Pattern 

General Studies Paper 1, General Hindi, General Studies Paper 2, and Optional Paper are the four papers of the BPSC Mains Exam. The BPSC mains exam will have subjective questions. The BPSC Mains test, on the other hand, would be conducted offline, using pen and paper. 

Mains Syllabus 

General Hindi (Secondary Level): 

  • Essay – 30 marks. 

  • Grammar – 30 marks. 

  • Syntax – 25 marks.

  • Precis/Summary – 15 marks. 

General Studies I: 

  • Modern History of India. 

  • Statistical Analysis, diagrams, and graphs. 

  • Indian Culture. 

  • Contemporary Events of National and International importance. 

General Studies II: 

  • Indian (and Bihar) Polity. 

  • Indian (and Bihar) Geography. 

  • Indian (and Bihar) Economy. 

  • Role and Impact of Science and Technology in the development of India (and Bihar). 

Optional Subject: 

Mains Cut-off Range 

Interview Pattern 

The BPSC Interview, often known as the Personality Test, is the last part of recruiting. After the interviews are completed, the Commission publishes the merit list. 

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