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Q 1: What does a BPSC PCS officer get paid? 

Ans 1: The compensation ranges from INR 9,300 to INR 34,800 for BPSC PCS officers, with Grade Pay of INR 5400, 4800, and 4200. This wage structure is subject to modification, according to the pay commission. 

Q 2: How should you prepare for the BPSC in 2021? 

Ans 2: You may begin preparing for the BPSC 2021 Exam by reviewing the curriculum, compiling a reading list, and enrolling in the appropriate BPSC online coaching sessions. BPSC mock exams and online test series can be used to supplement your preparation for the BPSC Exam. 

Q 3: How many times you may attempt a paper on the BPSC Exam? 

Ans 3: The number of times you can take the BPSC exam is limited to three. 

Q 4: How many openings are there in BPSC 2020? 

Ans 4:  As per the official announcement given by BPSC 2020, there are a total of 423 vacancies. 

Q 5: Which of the optional subjects is the best for the BPSC Mains? 

Ans 5: The following are the most popular optional subjects: 

  • Sociology 

  • History 

  • Maithili Language and Literature 

  • Labour and Social Welfare 

  • Public Administration 

  • Hindi Language and Literature 

  • Geography 


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