Course Content
  • 37 Live interactive sessions, supported by a few recorded lectures.
  • The program is divided into 2 Phases – Before Prelims & After Prelims with a break of more than 3.5 months for Prelims
  • Advanced Syllabus coverage of PSIR optional.
  • Application of important concepts & Current Affairs in Answer-Writing
  • Model Q&A & previous year’s Q&A will be discussed in class.
  • 7 Mock Tests with live-post test discussion classes.
  • 150-200 hand-written model answers
  • 95 hours course
  • For Full Details & Schedule: Download course PDF from this page

This course focuses on advanced answer-writing techniques along with the application of current affairs and applied concepts in answer-writing to maximize your score in PSIR. Mock Tests and LIVE post-test discussion classes. Get 150-200 handwritten model answers that are potent for Mains 2021.

This course will help you ensure extra 30-40 marks in your Optional Paper and achieve a Top Rank in UPSC CSE 2021.

faculty image

Shashank Tyagi

Polity, Governance issues & International Relations

Mr. Shashank Tyagi, has taught more than 10000 students offline & online and was awarded by Govt. of NCT Delhi for his studies & work as a consultant in the office of the Minister of Social Welfare. He has a passion to innovate the teaching methodologies & make quality content that is more relatable to aspirants. His domain of expertise is Polity, Governance Issues & International Relations.