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SSC CPO Physical Endurance Test (SSC CPO PET)

The PET of SSC CPO contains tasks that applicants should complete to qualify for the next stage. The details are below:

For male:

  • High Jump: 1.2 meters in 3 chances
  • Long Jump: 3.65 meters in 3 chances
  • 1.6 km race in 6.5 minutes
  • Shot put (16 Lbs.): 4.5 meters in 3 chances
  • 100 meters race in 16 seconds

For female:

  • Long Jump: 2.7 meters in 3 chances.
  • High Jump: 0.9 meters in 3 chances.
  • 800 meters race in 4 minutes
  • 100 meters race in 18 seconds

Medical Examination

The applicants who have cleared the paper-II will be medically examined by the Medical Officer of the CAPFs or any other Medical Officer or Assistant Surgeon belonging to Central/ State Govt. Hospital or Dispensary. 

Applicants found unfit will be informed of the position. However, they can appeal the Review Medical Board within the specified time limit of 15 days. 

The Review Medical Board's decision will be the final decision, and no appeal will be entertained against the decision taken by the Review Medical Board.

Eye Test:

Without wearing glasses, the minimum distant vision should be 6/6 and 6/9. Near vision should be N6 and N9 of two eyes without correction. The complete eye check-up includes tests like Near sight vision, FarSight Vision and Irish Check. Applicants cannot use lenses on the day of the exam. The Applicants should possess high colour vision and not have squint in their eyes.

Colour Blindness Test

Applicants will have to read numbers in a colour Book to check for colour blindness.

Lasik Surgery: 

Applicants who had undergone Lasik surgery are disqualified in medical exams. However, a doctor cannot determine if the applicant has undergone Lasik surgery unless they admit it. A machine test can only identify it, and doctors conducting SSC CPO medical tests are not allowed to do it. So, answer accordingly.

Flat Foot and Knock Knee Check: 

Knock Knee test determines whether Applicants' Knees touch each other when standing at a 90-degree angle. If they touch, then the applicant is disqualified. 

In the Flat Foot test, the shape of a Applicants' foot should have a curved shape. If the foot is flat, the applicant is disqualified.

Urine Sample Collection - A routine check-up.

Sharp sensibility Check-up - Test of ear, nose, teeth and mouth.

Blood Test:

They check haemoglobin, STD and any other such diseases. 

Physical Body Check: 

Applicant's B.P., balanced weight and height are checked, and the BMI of the applicant is calculated.

X-Ray of Chest:

Applicable only to male applicants as female applicants don't have chest criteria. 

Hand Movement Test: 

Applicants should have good hand movement and reflexes to be eligible.


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