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Technology is the savior for the future

Technology is the savior for the future

Tool on NASA’s Sea Level Portal

  • NASA has created a visualisation tool that makes data on future sea level rise from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report accessible to the public.


Benefits of the tool

  • Easy to navigate: One can click anywhere on global ocean and get a comprehensive data on the projected sea level rise.
  • Data Integrity: Tool distributes the data in an accessible and user-friendly way while maintaining scientific integrity.
  • Awareness generation: Tool can help to facilitate knowledge sharing, easy access to the state-of-the-art climate science leading to better awareness about the issue.
  • Critical for India: India has 7516 km of coastline and tool can help in increasing the climate resilience of countries with large coastal populations, infrastructure, and economies.
  • Better prediction: Tool displays possible future sea levels under several greenhouse-gas-emission and socioeconomic scenarios which can help governments to forecast future scenarios and develop coastal resources accordingly.


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