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One must follow a determined path to crack examinations. Some tips are:

Have a clear vision of goal -

You must always be determined to achieve your goals. Determination is the key to success in examinations. You should always recall the hardships of yourself and other people related to you and be motivated towards your goal.

Read Newspaper and Study Daily -

You must have a habit of reading newspapers and magazines every day to have a stronghold on current affairs. English newspapers also help in making your English better. This is essential for English comprehension.

You also need to make your other subjects stronger. There is an ocean of things to learn and complete. But you must also believe in yourself while studying daily for effective study.

Give Mock tests regularly -

Mock tests are a very important aspect of an examination. It is essential to keep giving mock tests regularly. This keeps you sharp on your facts. It also helps with time management.

Get good rest and exercise -

Good rest is the key to a healthy and functional brain. To keep the brain up and running at its top speed. Exercise also helps to keep the body and mind healthy. 

If you just keep on studying and studying without taking a breather, you will not be able to sustain that. You will ultimately forget everything again. So it's better to take rests than have a blackout in the exam hall.

Minimum Qualifying Marks

The minimum marks to be shortlisted for ESIC MTS post:


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