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Preparation Tips

Candidates appearing for this exam must prepare an organised plan keeping their specific goals in mind. Here are some strategies to ace your preparations:

  • Firstly, make sure that you have an effective study plan and refer to the best books with all the details and the latest syllabus.
  • Make sure that the study plan includes enough time for revisions daily. There are high chances that candidates might forget points and topics, so writing them down helps revise them later. Also, regular revisions are important while preparing for the MPPSC SES exam.
  • Candidates can take short notes and are useful for all time. 
  • Candidates must refer to MPPSC previous years' question papers to get an overall lookout for distributing the marks across sections. You can check the papers online. 
  • Taking more mock tests helps candidates improve their time management skills and increase their chances of getting good marks.
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