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SSC MTS Vacancies


State-wise, vacancies may differ year to year based on SSC guidelines.

Job Posts

There are many posts in the MTS category, such as,

  • Watchman (Chowkidar)
  • Operator
  • Gatekeeper
  • Jamadar
  • Peon (Farash)
  • Gardener (Mali)

And they do have many roles to do in their job such as,

  • Maintaining Records
  • Cleaning Offices
  • Any other work assigned by the supervisors
  • Opening & Closing Offices
  • Work released to ITI qualifications
  • Room and Furniture cleaning
  • Driving Vehicles.Maintenance of Records
  • Watch and ward duties
  • Delivering Posts


Salaries are divided based on three city categories

  • X city
  • Y city 
  • Z city

X Cities are the 8 major urban cities, and Y Cities are cities above 5 Lakhs. The remaining rural areas come under Z City.

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