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2nd ARC Report

by Edukemy Team

The Second Administrative Reforms Commission (2nd ARC) Report is a pivotal document that addresses critical aspects of governance and public administration in India. Initiated in 2005, the 2nd ARC was tasked with the responsibility of examining and recommending reforms to enhance the efficiency, transparency, and accountability of the administrative machinery. Comprising a series of reports, the findings and insights of the 2nd ARC have played a significant role in shaping discussions on administrative and institutional reforms in the country. This introduction provides a succinct overview of the origins, objectives, and importance of the 2nd ARC Report, highlighting its substantial impact on the ongoing transformation of India’s administrative landscape.

In this page we will discussing on “2nd ARC Report.” It’s like a big document that tells us ideas and suggestions to make how our country is run (like a big team with a plan). We’ll learn about the important things it says about how the government works and makes decisions to make our country better.

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