UPSC Strategy for Beginners

Jul 19, 2021
3 min read
UPSC Strategy for Beginners

Competitive exams of this stature require proper guidance and the right direction to find success. Some of the quick tips to get the beginners to start their preparation have been mentioned below:

Understanding the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The best UPSC strategy for Beginners would be to understand the syllabus like a user manual for an electrical device. Aspirants are advised to visit the official site and understand the exam pattern and syllabus. It's essential to know the boundaries within which you have to limit your preparation and understand what the exam demands. Aspirants must realize the fact that they need appropriate knowledge rather than being a subject matter expert.

Strategize your preparation

After getting the gist of the entire examination and syllabus, it's time; you should prepare a plan and timetable for how you will proceed with your preparation. As an individual aspirant, you have to decide whether you require external aid such as mentorship programs or coaching to enhance your practice. Follow the guidelines of what toppers did, which might differ from every entity but try to figure out the common beliefs.

Collection of Resources

 Once the plan is set, start figuring out the resources from which your anchor points will be connected. Aspirants should find some reliable and authentic sources from which they can find comprehensive material. For building fundamentals, it is always preferable to read NCERTs, and then you can then add supplementary resources. In addition, make a habit of reading newspapers and editorials to enhance your general awareness and dynamic knowledge, which will be a key to secure marks in the UPSC Prelims examination.

Organized Notes

 UPSC strategy for a beginner would thoroughly involve making notes. As mentioned above, you will be dealing with chunks of resources where you have to keep highlighting important keywords and points. Therefore, it is highly advisable to organize your notes, and it's highly effective as writing down help while memorizing and understanding concepts. Moreover, while revision, you won't have to scroll through a heap of books instead, you can skim through your notes to make your work easier.

Understanding the concepts

 While some students would feel memorizing would suffice their needs, it becomes tough to retain all the data and syllabus after a while when the preparation proceeds. So instead, focus on understanding the concepts that would help retain a more extended period and easily grasp the advanced topics.

Frequent Self-Assessment

When asked about how to start UPSC preparation for beginners, I think the above content is good enough to lay off your foundation, but you would certainly need to keep testing your preparation. Students should enrol themselves into some test series and keep practising PYQ to analyze their performance and level of preparation. The feedback they will receive from such mock tests will help aspirants rectify their mistakes and improve their chances of inching closer to success.

Avoid Unnecessary Distractions

 IAS preparation is a complete devotion to your life's primary timeline for a single objective. To reach greater heights, you have to make certain sacrifices and make changes in your routine to make the mission successful. In a world full of digital distractions, aspirants must check their digital and socializing time to find a perfect balance for their lifestyle. UPSC preparation requires perseverance and dedication, and sticking to a master plan would reap benefits later.

Lastly, when you have so much to prepare within a short period, students should find ways to save their time and introduce online platforms, which are aggressively finding ways to make the dreams come alive for students; enrolling into such platforms would just add value to them your preparation.


Considering to devote your time and efforts to UPSC Civil Services Examination itself is a huge step.  Preparing for the IAS examination requires loads of time and inputs from the aspirants. At the same time, it might be an overwhelming experience for a beginner with the vast amount of courses and competitions they will be facing. Understanding the exam and preparing according to the needs of the exam justifies your preparation and will help your progress in the right direction. UPSC beginners guide predominantly includes following a specific timetable and covering much of the syllabus with fundamental clarity.

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