Life of an IAS Officer

Sep 06, 2021
3 min read
Life of an IAS Officer

Posts like Indian Administrative Services have been one of the most demanded jobs from the British Era. Being in the most influential and respected professions, an IAS officer's life is filled with challenges. They have the work to serve the Nation and make a difference in society regularly. Every UPSC conducts the Civil Services Examination, wherefrom the mass number of aspirants, only a few crack the examination, embarking on an exhausting journey of years of preparation.

IAS aspirants cover a vast syllabus throughout the preparation journey and appear for grilling exam sessions that consistently test the candidates' perseverance. Beginning from the objective-based Prelims Examination to detailed answer-based solutions, students evolve their strategy and preparation to adopt and gain success in their purpose.

Living an IAS life is filled with enough peaks and troughs that cascade down to an enthralling life journey. After the final selection process, the recruits undergo training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy (LBSNAA), where the officers get training and experience of a lifetime.

Life at LBSNAA is meant to embed knowledge and capacity within the final selects to fulfill the roles as an administrator. Every day, the recruits undergo vocational, physical, and mental training to leap through challenging situations during their long tenure. The total duration of their course is for 2 years which has specific prospects built up:

  • During the first 15 weeks of training, candidates are given a tour of the entire Nation. Along with the Pan India trip, students gain academic knowledge in tandem with other activities.  The modules for academic training include Policymaking, land management, soft skills, project management, national security, e-gov, etc. The Bharat Darshan Program begins with dividing entire recruits into small chunks; throughout this event, the officers get insights into rich Indian culture and its heritage.

  • Along with all the structured events, recruits have to start their days from 6 AM, including physical exercise, lectures, and cultural activities.

  • Since the total duration of the program at LBSNAA is long, recruits get the opportunity to study different districts and gain knowledge about their administrative build-up.

  • After sessions of accumulating knowledge and experience, recruits get the total experience of an IAS officer life. During the end of the phases, subject matter expertise disburses their proficient understanding of their specialization. Like every other graduate, the trainees work as an assistant secretary where the period is deemed to work like a training session which lasts for a few months.

Successful completion of training at LBSNAA then leads the recruits to graduate and lead an IAS Life. Their regular schedule changes and the fieldwork begins from 9 AM, which includes various meetings, tasks, departmental work, and visits to several zones to properly manage the policies and implementation of activities. An IAS officer's core function has been to manage government affairs and continuously adhere to guidelines. Officers have to guide the department and present the report to their elected representatives. Throughout their stint at LBSNAA, officers put their knowledge into practical fields to observe their results complying with government schemes and policies.

Below mentioned are the IAS officer power, which constitutes around 300 laws which define for every case:

  • As per the Code of Criminal Procedure (1973) of the Indian Penal Code: Sections 107,108,109,110,133,144, and 176 lists out powers for maintaining law and order given to Magistrates.

  • Tenancy Laws define the powers of a collector regarding revenue.

  • The National Disaster Management Act lists out the powers of Chief Secretaries and Magistrates while directing disaster relief operations.

  • Arms Act, Drug Licenses Act, Essential Commodities Act etc. list out IAS officers' power to enforce regulations in different situations.

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