IAS Officer Facilities

Sep 18, 2021
2 min read
IAS Officer Facilities

The dreams and aspirations of a candidate to reach one of the prime jobs come with added benefits. Since the IAS officers represent our Nation, their role is a prestigious one. These are some of the privileged facilities and IAS perks:

  • Residence: IAS officers are allotted houses in a civilized society with proper amenities.

  • Transport: IAS officers have their allotted vehicles and drivers that can be used for official travel purposes.

  • Security: Since being an IAS officer is a highly classified job and requires dealing with crooks sometimes. Therefore, proper security officials are deployed for them.

  • Job Security: The life of an IAS officer is desirable as they are not easy to get retrenched. The process of removal requires a long procedure.

  • Lifetime Pension: After a certain work period, IAS officers will get pension and retirement benefits.

  • Bills: IAS officers have the privilege to avail themselves of subsidized house amenities and outside trips while visiting State Bhavans.


IAS officers during their end of the working period would have gained exceptional experience while dealing with different people, travelling, and managing Nations Policy. These qualities make them skilled and attractive to various private firms who wish to appoint business heads. All the facilities and amenities differ by the level of posts and designation. The hard work and dedication that an aspirant devotes during their preparation period all pay off during their extended tenure period. Along with the facilities, IAS officers have unmatched powers that only officials like them can exercise. They are the classified personnel who have a direct impact on the progress of a nation. IAS officers throughout their life learn loads of skills beginning from their training at LBSNAA and the application of the entire process that they underwent during their exhaustive preparation period. There are several benefits of IAS officers that they have earned to receive those.

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