Which stream is best for the preparation of IAS/ UPSC ?

Sep 01, 2021
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Which stream is best for the preparation of IAS/ UPSC?

The UPSC Civil Services Examination is one of the most elite National Examination, which has a yearly trend of extracting India's most proficient Civil Servants serving society. Being one of the most desired jobs, the number of vacancies posted every year has been limited. If 2021 is taken into consideration, only 712 vacancies were announced.

The challenges and experiences a UPSC aspirant faces are incomparable, and at the end of their preparation journey, the dreams that aspirants weave give startling results. The IAS exam has 3 significant phases: Preliminary, Mains, and the Personnel Interview round. Students who succeed in clearing these phases must undergo training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).

Since the journey for UPSC preparation requires accumulation and understanding of a huge syllabus, some students initiate their preparation even before they graduate. Clearing the IAS examination requires a certain amount of passion, and several questions hover in the mindsets of aspirants who haven't even stepped into their colleges, like "which stream is best for IAS" or "which stream is best for IAS after 10th". Several questions along the same lines trigger the zeal for the budding aspirants to initiate their preparation.

Which stream is best for the preparation of IAS/ UPSC?

Students who are currently studying in schools or are about to join any graduate colleges thinking about pursuing their career in Civil Services must have got the impression from significant sources. Those sources can be family members who are in government organizations, civil servants, or self-research that would have induced their will to begin studying for the IAS exam from an early age. However, starting early just doesn't give them an early bird advantage and time since students have to take references from NCERT books, and most of the syllabus is based on the school textbooks. Therefore it's instrumental for such aspirants to gain knowledge and clarify the concepts from an early age.

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The biggest dilemma students face who are just moving to class 11 is choosing which stream is best for IAS. As in the Indian Education system, aspirants are required to choose their electives from particular streams, choosing a favourable stream that covers the majority of the IAS syllabus can help with the preparation. Through certain secondary research, it can be suggested that students who pursue a career in Humanities during their graduation have a better probability of success. 

As Humanities cover the core subjects like History, Public Administration, Political Science, Geography, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, etc., which are a major part of the syllabus of General Studies papers, makes it an ideal stream. Even though students get to select only 5 subjects, they can choose their preferences from a list of courses that have a bigger significance in the IAS examination.

It's imperative to maintain the determination and focus to devote your time and efforts towards grasping the basic concepts at this stage. If you are determined to start preparing for IAS along with school studies, then consistency and discipline is a must. It can be overwhelming to do both, but setting regular targets and building of conceptual knowledge will make your basics strong and will make your path easier towards the success of the UPSC exam. 

To appear for the UPSC examination, students are required to at least have a graduation degree from a reputed University or Institute. Having a graduation degree in a subject or stream that revolves around the UPSC syllabus is a boon. Even for mandatory optional subjects, applicants have to choose two papers that will constitute 500 marks. 


Therefore, if you are looking for the best stream for IAS, focus on the subjects of the UPSC syllabus. Opt for the subjects during your graduation, so that you can gain maximum proficiency during your graduation and can stretch your scores as far as possible.

To identify your strengths and depth of knowledge that will help you choose which stream is best for IAS. Students who would have opted for science or engineering background can choose the optional subject which would tinker their intellect and interest them the most. Every count of time matters when aspirants are chasing after a bigger picture which requires a hefty amount of effort and dedication. It's very important for STEM students to conceptually gain a province for subjects they don't have any pre-requisite knowledge of.

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