Edukemy's 2024 Marathon Sessions for Geography Optional (PYQ Analysis - Models, Theories, Laws in Human Geography & Regional Planning (Paper 1 and 2))

Started on Jun 12, 2023
Starts at 03:00 PM

About the Event

During the PYQ Analysis session, the participants typically review the questions asked in the previous year's exam, analyze the patterns and types of questions, and try to understand the concepts and topics covered in the exam. This process may involve discussions, brainstorming, and problem-solving exercises to help the participants develop a better understanding of the exam format and structure.


The purpose of a PYQ Analysis Session is to help individuals or groups of individuals prepare more effectively for the upcoming competitive exam. By analyzing the previous year's question papers, participants can gain insights into the exam pattern, identify the areas where they need to improve their knowledge and skills, and develop a study plan that focuses on their strengths and weaknesses.


  • PYQ Sessions would help you understand the level and difficulty of questions that appear in the real exam.

  • Workbook Sessions would help cover the most important topics in General Studies

  • Synopsis Sessions & Memorization would help in completing subjects one-by-one before the end of the year.

Who Should Attend?

UPSC CSE Aspirants who are preparing for UPSC CSE 2024/25 with Geography Optional.

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