Q: Why should we join Online courses offered by Edukemy?

A: Edukemy offers interactive online classes. Students experience the online classes with same quality of teaching and class environment as offline classes.

Q: How does Edukemy help me in preparing for UPSC civil services exam?

A: Edukemy believes to mentor student through all the process of examination. Edukemy will hold you till you Sail through this exam.

Q: What are the courses offered?

A: Edukemy offers various courses of UPSC. GS Foundation, Geography optional, Essay classes, Enrichment classes for optional and Prelims Test series (TOP GEAR TEST)

Q: What is the best optional subject to choose?

A: Please contact our counsellors’ team (+91 87927 40517). Team will precisely guide you to choose better optional subject for UPSC.

Q: Is course wise schedule available?

A: Yes, it is available on website along with course details.

Q: Can we get Brochure of course?

A: Yes, you can get the brochure from our website.

Q: Will course material be available in hard copy form or soft copy and is it downloadable?

A: Yes, course material will be available in the form of soft copy on the student portal. We provide handwritten notes. You can download soft copy notes from website and print it out. On app, you can download in-app and study them without internet connection (but you cannot download and print the softcopy from app).

Q: Is the Edukemy app available on IOS and android?

A: The app is Available on Android but not available on IOS (However it can be accessed through all web browsers like Safari, Google Chrome etc).

Q: How are we supposed to watch the recorded lectures /missed lectures?

A: All the lectures are uploaded on Edukemy website and app on a daily basis. You can find the recorded and missed lectures on the website and app. The number of days you will have the access to recorded lectures depends on the course you've purchased.

Q: Will the session be available on mobile app?

A: Yes. Both live and recorded classes are available depending on the course you've purchased.

Q: What are the Payment Options?

A: You can pay through UPI, debit card, credit card, wallets, EMI, bank transfers.

Q: Is EMI facility available, what is the process?

A: Yes, no cost EMIs are available on request. Please contact this number for more information: +91 87927 40517 

Q: What is the payment process for admission?

A: You can log in to our website > go to the course you want to opt for > click on buy now > pay

Q: After I pay for the course what should I expect?

A: Once you are done with the payment process you will receive a welcome email, details about course. For our premium courses, we call each student and do personal onboarding.

Q: Can I extend the validity of my course?

A: Yes, validity extension is available for selected courses. Enrolled students can extend their course validity by paying a small amount. The extension option with the exact price will be available towards the end of the course. For more details, please contact : +91 87927 40517



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