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UPSC Current Affairs

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UPSC Current Affairs refers to the latest and relevant information about national and international events, government policies, socio-economic issues, scientific advancements, and other significant developments that are important for the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examinations. It includes topics like politics, economics, science and technology, environment, sports, and more.

Staying updated with UPSC Current Affairs is crucial for aspirants preparing for UPSC examinations. It helps in developing a comprehensive understanding of contemporary issues and events, which are an integral part of the UPSC syllabus. Having knowledge of current affairs helps in answering questions related to General Studies, Essay Writing, and Personality Test (Interview), and it also enhances analytical skills and critical thinking abilities.

There are several ways to stay updated with UPSC Current Affairs:

  • Read newspapers daily, including both national and regional newspapers, to get the latest news and updates. 
  • Follow Edukemy’s Daily Current Affairs Coverage that cover current affairs extensively. 
  • Watch Edukemy's weekly Geography Current Affairs classes by Devendra Sir to get comprehensive coverage of the last week’s current affairs.
  • Revise all the current affairs of the month with Edukemy's Monthly Current Affairs compilations.

While preparing for UPSC Current Affairs, it is important to focus on the following key areas:

  • National and international events: Stay updated with major happenings in India and around the world, such as government schemes, elections, summits, conferences, etc.
  • Government policies and initiatives: Understand various government policies, programs, and initiatives across sectors like education, health, economy, environment, etc.
  • Social and economic issues: Gain knowledge about important social and economic issues affecting the country, such as poverty, unemployment, gender equality, education, healthcare, etc.
  • Science and technology: Keep abreast of scientific advancements, technological innovations, space missions, and their impact on society and the environment.
  • Environment and ecology: Stay informed about environmental issues, climate change, conservation efforts, sustainable development, and biodiversity conservation.
  • Sports and cultural events: Be aware of major sports events, achievements, cultural festivals, and awards in order to have a holistic understanding of the current affairs landscape.

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