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UPSC Books List

1. Environment Book for UPSC PDF:

Q: Where can I find a PDF of an environment book for UPSC preparation?

UPSC, or the Union Public Service Commission, conducts examinations that include a segment on environmental studies to assess candidates' knowledge and awareness about environmental issues, fostering a well-rounded understanding of contemporary challenges.

You can find PDFs of environment books relevant for UPSC on various websites, but it's important to ensure that the source is legal and the content is not pirated. Alternatively, consider purchasing the book or checking it out from a library. At Edukemy, we offer the PDF Version of UPSC Environment Book for UPSC Preparation, relevant for both Prelims and Mains.

2. Environment Best Book for UPSC:

Q: What is the best book for preparing the environment section of UPSC?

It is recommended that students try and cover the Environment Section through basic books of ICSE Class IX & X. Following that, all coverage of current affairs is necessary to tackle questions on institutional mechanisms related to Environment. Adding to that, you can also buy Edukemy's Book, which covers all the aspects of Environment from NCERT, ICSE Board, and Standard Books/Current Events.

3. UPSC Social Justice Notes:

Q: Where can I find concise notes on social justice for UPSC?

You can find concise notes on social justice for UPSC on the Edukemy Platform. Additionally, you can create your own notes by summarizing key information from relevant sources.

4. UPSC Ancient History Books:

Q: What are some good books to study ancient history for UPSC?

Some recommended books for Ancient History in UPSC include "Ancient India" by RS Sharma and "A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India" by Upinder Singh. Our UPSC Ancient History Book PDF has all the important topics covered from Standard Books including NCERTs. Hence, we will recommend you to buy this affordable UPSC Ancient History Book PDF.

5. UPSC Mains History Books:

Q: Which books are essential for the history section in UPSC Mains?

For UPSC Mains History, you can refer to books like "India's Struggle for Independence" by Bipan Chandra and "History of Modern India" by Bipan Chandra. Additionally, you can also go through our UPSC Mains History Books to cover the UPSC Syllabus for History, topic-by-topic.

6. Geography Book for UPSC PDF:

Q: Where can I find a PDF of a geography book for UPSC preparation?

You may find PDFs of geography books online, but be sure to verify the source's legality. Alternatively, consider purchasing Edukemy's Geography book or using resources like NCERT textbooks for geography.

7. UPSC Geography Books PDF:

Q: Can you recommend some geography books in PDF format for UPSC preparation?

It's advisable to purchase or borrow physical copies of geography books. For PDF materials, you can refer to Edukemy's Book Section.

8. Economy Book for UPSC PDF:

Q: Where can I find a PDF of an economy book for UPSC preparation?

For the economy section of UPSC, consider referring to NCERT textbooks, which are often available as PDFs on official websites. Ensure you're using legitimate sources to avoid piracy. Apart from that, you can also refer to Edukemy's UPSC Economy Book PDF to cover the syllabus mentioned for UPSC Prelims and Mains.

9. Economics Books for UPSC Prelims:

Q: Which books are recommended for economics in UPSC Prelims?

For UPSC Prelims, you can refer to "Indian Economy" by Ramesh Singh and NCERT textbooks on economics as foundational resources. Further, we also recommend Edukemy's UPSC Economy Book PDF.

10. Laxmikant Polity Book for UPSC:

Q: Is Laxmikant's "Indian Polity" a good book for UPSC?

Yes, "Indian Polity" by M. Laxmikant is widely recommended for UPSC preparation, particularly for the polity and governance section.

11. Important NCERT Books for UPSC:

Q: Which NCERT books are important for UPSC preparation?

A: Important NCERT books for UPSC include those on history, geography, economics, political science, and science subjects. For instance, the NCERT books for Class 6 to Class 12 in these subjects are commonly referred to.

12. Books Needed for UPSC:

Q: What are the essential books needed for UPSC preparation?

A: The essential books for UPSC preparation vary by subject, but some core books include NCERT textbooks, standard reference books, and UPSC-specific study materials based on the syllabus. We at Edukemy, work and curate quality content required for covering the wide-syllabus of UPSC, cover by cover. We, hence, recommend you to buy our books.

13. How Many Books for UPSC:

Q: How many books should I study for UPSC preparation?

The number of books you need to study for UPSC depends on your chosen subjects and the depth of your understanding. It's more important to focus on quality than quantity. A few well-chosen, comprehensive books are often sufficient.

14. How to Read UPSC Books:

Q: What is the best way to read and study UPSC books effectively?

The best way to read UPSC books is to start with NCERTs to build a strong foundation, take thorough notes, and practice answer writing. Create a study schedule, set goals, and revise regularly to reinforce your knowledge.

15. Can UPSC Be Cleared Without Coaching:

Q: Is it possible to clear UPSC without coaching?

Yes, it is possible to clear UPSC without coaching. Many successful UPSC aspirants have self-prepared or relied on online resources, books, and study materials. However, coaching can be beneficial for those who need structured guidance and assistance in their preparation. The choice depends on individual preferences and resources. You can read more about this in our carefully curated blog - Link


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