‘Ceramic Radome’ technology
Fri, 24 Mar 2023

‘Ceramic Radome’ technology

Why in news? Carborundum Universal Limited (CUMI), has signed an Agreement with DRDO for manufacturing ceramic radomes used in aerospace and missile systems.


  • The ceramic radome is regarded as an essential, state-of-the-art technology for ballistic and tactical missiles and high-performance aircraft.
  • To mitigate the thermal heating, Ceramic is considered a radome material.
  • Ceramic Radome fabrication is a two-stage process, gel-casting followed by sintering.
  • ceramic
    • A ceramic is a non-metallic, inorganic solid material that is typically produced by heating natural clay or other minerals at high temperatures. E.g., Pottery, Tiles
  • In general, they are hard, corrosion-resistant and brittle.
  • Radome
    • Radomes are structures or enclosures designed to protect antenna and associated electronics from the surrounding environment and elements such as rain, snow, UV light, and strong wind.
    • The name "radome" is derived from the words radar and dome.




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