Chetak helicopters
Tue, 05 Apr 2022

Chetak helicopters

  • Context: IAF’s oldest helicopter Chetakwill mark 60 years in action next month. 
  • Chetak helicopter is the oldest helicopter of the Indian Air Force inducted byHindustan Aeronautics Ltd (HAL) in 1965. 
  • It is atwo-tonne helicopter that has a maximum speed of 185kmph and a range of  
  • It is asingle-engine helicopter that can carry seven people, including two pilots. 
  • The Chetak is operated by each of the three services andalso the coast guard, however it has been military’s workhorse for decades. 
  • It has been used fortraining pilots at HTS, used for VIP flying, military operations, casualty evacuation, and relief missions.  
  • It has beeneasy to fly and maintainit is versatility personified and every pilot’s favourite as it can be used for landing in restricted areas in diverse terrains and on warships. 
  • It is now due forreplacement along with the Cheetah helicopter fleet operated by the air force and the army. 


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