Civil Union and its difference from Marriage
Fri, 21 Apr 2023

Civil Union and its difference from Marriage

In News: A five-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India began hearing petitions seeking legal recognition of same-sex marriage

About Civil Union

  • A "civil union" refers to the legal status that allows same-sex couples specific rights and responsibilities normally conferred upon married couples.
  • It resembles a marriage and brings with it employment, inheritance, property, and parental rights among others.
  • In several countries, prior to legalizing same-sex marriages, people are allowed to live as same-sex couples and marry without being provided a formal recognition of the same.
  • Major countries which recognise the right of same-sex couples to enter into civil unions includes Sweden, Norway, Austria, Brazil, Uruguay, Andorra, and

Difference from Marriage:

  • Civil unions are often seen as an alternative to marriage for same-sex couples who are not allowed to marry under their country's laws or for those who do not wish to marry for personal reasons.
  • Unlike civil Union, marriage is a legal union between two individuals that is recognized by law and has traditionally been between a man and a woman.
  • Marriage typically provides additional legal and societal benefits, such as tax breaks, access to healthcare and insurance, and inheritance rights.


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