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Ensuring Basic Rights of Employees

Ensuring Basic Rights of Employees


  • Foreign companies invest in India due to abundance of resource, presence of labour at relatively lower wages and special investment privileges.
  • Effective administration and on ground quality performance is required to enhance corporate business environment in India in order with resurging the foreign capital investments.

Action against a Taiwanese Company for lapses in living conditions of the employess

  • Issue: Foxconn-owned unit (a Taiwanese company which provides corporate services) had lapsed in ensuring quality of living conditions the employees in Chennai especially in terms of amenities and denied some basic employee rights at hostels and work space.
  • Protest for the Basic Rights: After the company employees went on a protest that affected traffic on the Chennai-Bengaluru highway, the state government and the district administration stepped in for negotiations.
  • Government’s Intervention: After intervening and the investigation process, Foxconn’s facilities has been placed on probation to ensure strict standards before the facility reopens.
  • Hence, the government of Tamil Nadu now will continue to monitor conditions closely on the ground to ensure the basic rights of the employees.
  • Foxconn has issued apology and are taking steps to enhance the facilities and services, and restructuring our local management team.

Quote: “Democracy, Good governance and modernity cannot be imported or imposed from outside a country- it should be an integral part” - Emile Lahoud



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