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Water taxi services-Mumbai

Water taxi services-Mumbai

  • Context: Water taxi services is set to begin in Mumbai in January 2022.
  • Water taxi services is an ambitious project of the Government to develop water transport on the western coast of Mumbai.
  • A water taxi is a small boat on a river or other area of water, operated by a person who you pay to take you where you want to go
  • The project is a joint initiative of Mumbai Port Trust (MbPT), City and Industrial Development Corporation (CIDCO) and Maharashtra Maritime Board (MMB)
  • From Mumbai, the two points for the services would be the International Cruise Terminal at Ballard Pier and Domestic Cruise Terminal (DCT) at Ferry Wharf.
  • With the introduction of this water taxi service, the long drive or the commute time between Navi Mumbai to Mumbai will be cut down by 75 percent.
  • This will provide an alternative mode of travel for commuters moving between Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, besides road and rail. 
  • The water taxis will take about 30 minutes to complete a single journey, which will significantly lower the commute time between Mumbai and its satellite township.



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