Global Unicorn Index
Fri, 21 Apr 2023

Global Unicorn Index

Why in news? India has 3rd-highest number of unicorns, gazelles, according to Hurun’s Global Unicorn Index 2023.


  • India retains 3rd spot, in the list of countries with most number of Unicorns as per Global unicorn index.
  • The report, indicates that India (68 unicorns) continues to be the world's third-largest country with the highest number of unicorns, following the USA (666) and China (316).
  • India added 14 new unicorns since pandemic began.
  • However, none of the Indian startups made it to the top 10 list.
  • BYJU’s ($22 billion) is top-most unicorn in India, followed by Swiggy and Dream11 (both at $8 billion).
  • The report also mentioned that the number of Indian unicorns established outside of India is higher than those located within India.
  • China and India have a higher proportion of gazelles and unicorns.


  • Unicorns are privately held, venture-capital backed startups that have reached a value of $1 billion.


  • According to Hurun, a gazelle is a start-up funded in the 2000s, is worth over $500 million, is not listed yet, and is most likely to become a unicorn within three years.


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