Tue, 05 Apr 2022

“J form”

  • Context: Punjab becomes the first state in the country to provide digitised “form J” in real time on the WhatsApp number of farmers from this Rabi procurement season.
  • ‘J form’ is the sale receipt of a farmer’s agricultural produce in mandis (grain market).
  • These forms were earlier issued manually by arthiyas (commission agents) because in Punjab, a majority of farmers sell their crops through such agents only.
  • This form is also an income proof for a farmer who sells his crop.
  • Before digitisation of the J form, several arhtiyas kept these forms with themselves, because of which many farmers ended up having no record of their income after selling their crops.
  • Thus, by getting digitised J form, farmers will now have a clear record of the crop sold and income received with respect to that.
  • These forms will be delivered directly on a farmer’s WhatsApp number immediately after a sale is confirmed on the system by the arthiyas and buyers, who are mainly government procurement agencies.
  • If any farmer changes his/her WhatsApp number, then they can see the J forms in their digilocker, which are legally at par with original physical documents under Rule 9A of the Information Technology Rules, 2016.
  • The ‘J form’ can be used for raising finance from financial institutions and also help farmers get admission for their wards in educational institutes abroad.


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