Fri, 21 Apr 2023

Kamkhya Temple

Why in news? Recently, Prime Minister appreciated Assam’s “landmark” Maa Kamakhya initiative.

About Kamkhya Temple:

  • The Kamakhya temple situated at the Nilachal hills in Guwahati is one of the oldest and most revered centers of Tantric practices.
  • Temple dedicated to Goddess Kamakhya is one of the 51 Shakti Peethas in country.
  • It is located near the bank of Brahmaputra River.
  • Temple has four chambers:
    • Garbha griha (sanctum sanctorum), which is a cave under the ground level that houses a rock fissure instead of an idol.
    • Three mandapas known as calanta, pancharatna and natamandira.
    • Ambubachi mela of Kamakhya temple is considered as the biggest religious congregation in Northeast India.

History of the temple

  • It is believed that the temple is where parts of Devi Sati’s corpse fell while her husband Lord Shiva performed taandav.
  • As per religious beliefs, her genitals and womb fell where the present-day temple is located.


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