The Walking Librarian
Mon, 20 Dec 2021

The Walking Librarian


  • Books have always proved to be the source of knowledge, exposure, intelligence, leisure, and completeness for humans.
  • P Sukumaran, hailing from Karuvatta in Kerala, has been a walking librarian for the last 41 years.

Dedication of the Walking Librarian

  • P Sukumaran is fondly known as ‘walking librarian’, who visits about 35 houses in the Karuvatta and Kumarapuram grama panchayats to deliver books to women and children.
  • As the library visits have started becoming sparse, he took the initiative to take library to the readers.
  • He walks about 12 km a day for the deliveries.
  • His efforts did not decrease even after receiving a meagre salary and having a child who is suffering from autism.
  • Sukumaran’s mission is to inculcate the value of books and the habit of reading among with people.



Bad libraries build collections, good libraries build services, great libraries build communities. – R. David Lankes



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