Managing the Challenges of Prelims Preparation with UPSC Toppers

Started on Dec 04, 2022
06:30 PM - 08:00 PM

About the Event

Prelims is the most crucial stage of the UPSC CSE Exams. Once you clear the Prelims, you become a part of the cream, who are the most sincere and serious aspirants of the exam. But, a lot of times, even the serious folks might fail to clear the Prelims. What does it take to clear the Prelims exam then? For someone who is serious and sincere, it only makes sense to go in the right direction before you go full-fledged for preparing the for the Prelims.

Watch Shabbir sir in conversation with Urvashi Sengar and Ayushi Jain - the toppers from UPSC 2020 Batch, where they explain how they tackled the following pointers:

  • When to start exclusive Prelims Preparation?
  • How many tests to solve before the Prelims?
  • How to cover current affairs before the Prelims?
  • How to tackle the CSAT fear?
  • How to analyze your performance in Mock Tests?


  • Syllabus in Prelims & Mains.
  • Register for the Event & Get GS Prelims PYPs Question Bank for free (2009-2022).
  • Understand the importance of having dedicated Prelims Preparation.
  • Know the plan for tackling CSAT.

Who Should Attend?

  • UPSC CSE Aspirants who are going to give UPSC Prelims Exam 2023.


  • Visit our experience center at Shop No. 21, First floor, Bada Bazaar Marg, Old Rajendra Nagar, New Delhi - 110060 to attend the webinar offline | Location pinned

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