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Hurry ! GS Foundation (GS 1-4, Essay, CSAT )+Prelims & Mains test series @Rs.17999 till 17 July

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Our UPSC Toppers

Our Toppers

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Medha Anand

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Prajnanandan Giri

Deepti Rohilla

AIR 39

Deepti Rohilla

K.N. Chandana Jahnavi

AIR 50

K.N. Chandana Jahnavi

Annapurna Singh

AIR 99

Annapurna Singh

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Explore our courses

Are you ready to become a UPSC success story? Our expertly crafted courses provide tailored solutions for every stage of the process, from Prelims to Interview Round. Get started today and conquer the UPSC exam with confidence!

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Our books offer the most updated, curated material to help you achieve your goals. Get your hands on the best resources and increase your chances of success today!

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Edukemy - The Best IAS Coaching Centre in Delhi Online and Offline


Edukemy is your most trusted partner for civil services exam preparation in India.


Edukemy, established in 2019, is one of the best IAS coaching centres, especially in Delhi, with its highly experienced faculty. It is available in both formats - online & offline. It was co-founded by Mr. Shabbir A. Bashir who has over 20 years of experience in the industry and Mr. Deb Tripathi with over 24 years of experience in the technology domain.


Our UPSC classes revolve around immersive learning and a personalized educational experience, ensuring a deep understanding and effective retention of crucial concepts for the civil services exam


The Edukemy faculty goes above and beyond to provide top-notch mentorship to the students, especially for geography & general studies. To provide students with the experience of the best IAS coaching centre in Delhi we focus on comprehensive coverage of the syllabus along with exam pattern understanding, application-based learning, and interactive sessions with guided courses. We also upload daily current affairs meticulously curated from a range of reliable resources, covering news significant for the UPSC exam preparation.


Edukemy has been instrumental in the success stories of countless aspirants with over 215 selections in IAS, IPS, & IFS.

Best GS & Geography Optional Teacher for UPSC Preparation


Mr. Shabbir A. Bashir, the co-founder of Edukemy is the best GS teacher & geography optional teacher for UPSC. Shabbir Sir is well-known for providing exceptional guidance to each & every UPSC aspirant. His depth of knowledge in geography is unmatched.


Shabbir Sir’s pedagogy of starting with initiation classes, then moving on to the foundational principles and ultimately to advanced/enriched learnings, makes him the best geography optional teacher for upsc.  


Shabbir Sir’s vision is to make learning more interesting and effective. He co-founded Edukemy with the objective of providing the best upsc coaching regardless of the location or socio-economic status of the upsc aspirants. Prior to co-founding Edukemy, he worked as a senior faculty member with Vajiram and Ravi for 17 years.   


Edukemy is proud of its illustrious faculty of highly qualified educators from the top universities. Experts from our IAS academy prepare students to conquer every round - from upsc prelims to interviews confidently!

Best Offline & Online UPSC Coaching in India


With Edukemy, civil services examination aspirants can opt for offline or online upsc classes. During the COVID era, Edukemy transitioned seamlessly to a hybrid learning model. This innovative approach integrates experience centers and classroom programs, complemented by online self-paced & live courses making Edukemy the best online coaching for UPSC in India.


Our mentors play a pivotal role in shaping the preparation journey, by engaging actively with students in both offline and online upsc coaching classes in India.

UPSC Geography Optional Coaching


Edukemy is the best upsc coaching in Delhi for the geography optional exam preparation. The geography optional classes taken by Shabbir sir, the best geography optional teacher for upsc,  follow a module-wise approach.


Edukemy offers multiple Geography optional exam preparation courses to suit each student’s preparation level.

Geography Optional Foundation Course


Edukemy’s Geography Optional Foundation Course includes:


Geography Optional Integrated Course


Edukemy’s Geography Optional Integrated Course includes:


Comprehensive Test Series with 9 Tests

This is In addition to the offerings covered in the Foundation Course.


Geography Optional Demo Kit


Edukemy’s geography optional demo kit is for UPSC CSE aspirants planning to take Geography as their optional subject for mains.


The free demo course offers demo videos with snippets of concepts taught by Shabbir sir.


Additionally, you can download free resources - the official syllabus and topic-wise & year-wise Geography Optional PYQs (2013-2023).


Geography Optional Notes by Shabbir Sir


Carefully curated notes by Shabbir sir enhance the preparation of the students to crack the Geography Optional exam.


Geography Optional Answer Writing


In addition to covering the syllabus, the aspirants also need to possess the skill of geography optional answer writing. At Edukemy, you will learn how to write effective, distinctive, and detailed answers so that you can score high!


General Studies Coaching for UPSC


Every UPSC aspirant has to prepare for General Studies (GS), both for prelims and mains. Edukemy is the best IAS coaching centre in Delhi for general studies exam preparation.


Watch this YouTube video in which Shabbir Sir, the best GS teacher, guides students on how to prepare for the General Studies examinations!


GS Foundation Course


Edukemy’s GS Foundation Course includes



GS Advanced Course


Edukemy’s GS Advanced Course includes



UPSC CSE GS Integrated Course


Edukemy’s GS Integrated Course focuses not only on syllabus completion but also on exam readiness by including advanced learnings.


Edukemy’s GS Integrated Course includes:



UPSC Essay Writing Preparation


Learn the art of UPSC essay writing with Shabbir Sir! Essay writing is a key part of UPSC Mains examination in which candidates are required to write 2 essays from a list of provided topics. The candidates need to learn how to organise their ideas, express themselves effectively, time management and much more. 


Edukemy’s UPSC Essay Writing course offers:


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What are the different courses offered by Edukemy?

A: Edukemy offers 

Q: Does Edukemy offer online coaching for UPSC?

A: Yes, Edukemy is one of the best online coaching for UPSC. Students experience online classes with the same quality of teaching and class environment as offline classes.

Q: Can I watch recorded lectures if I’ve missed a class?

A: Yes, all lectures are uploaded on the Edukemy website and app daily. The number of days you will have access to recorded lectures depends on the course you've purchased.

Q: How can I understand which course is best for my UPSC preparation?


A: You can get started by talking to our mentors. Schedule a FREE counseling session with us now!




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