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Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, forest management through community based eco-tourism

Parambikulam Tiger Reserve, forest management through community based eco-tourism

  • About: Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary , a part of Annamali sub unit of Western Ghats is one of the protected ecological wonders of Kerala. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve has been able to make rapid strides in initiatives relating to eco-tourism as well improve forest management through community based eco-tourism.

  • Steps taken:
    • Community based ecotourism programs include Tented Niche, Tree top hut, Bamboo Rafting, Fullmoon census, Machan World, Thellikkal nights, Island Nest.
    • Tribal people have become part of the Social Tiger Protection Force and are effectively combating forest and wildlife-related offences.
    • The tourism is regulated carefully avoiding disturbance to wildlife by banning the entry of private vehicles. Four new vehicles with 18 seats each have been inducted for taking the tourists around the reserve.
    • The tribal people have switched over to ginger, coffee, pepper and turmeric cultivation, which are not sought after by wild animals.
    • A wide variety of natural products like honey, bee wax, medicinal spices prepared in scientific manner are exchanged through Ecoshops.
  • Consequences:
    • Ecotourism provides effective economic rewards for conserving and enhancing bio-cultural diversity.
    • Eco-tourism contributes to the livelihood of local tribes as these programmes provide a major share of employment to those living in the Reserve, resulted in the reserve becoming the first domestic cattle-free protected forest area.
    • Plastic waste has reduced tremendously and remaining waste are recycled and made into key chains embedded with related images and slogans. They are sold as souvenir for the tourists.
    • Community intervention in ecotourism has helped to reduce their excessive dependence on forest resources for their livelihood.
    • 30-40% more income directly from the ecoshops to the tribals.







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